iPhone 12 - What were Apple thinking?


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    Full review of the iPhone 12 launch event, including my brutally honest opinion on price, specs. and cameras, vs Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei. Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: kgup.info/get/Yn-qo6Klqop7o6E/video
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here: kgup.info/get/Yn-qo6Klqop7o6E/video

      1. Alojado, Jon Mark D.

        Can i get phone? I needed it for online class cause my phone cant keep up with low ram and processor thank you im you number 1 fan i did watched every video you uploaded😁

      2. suma prakash

        Yes really good

      3. Swapna Mattevada

        arun pls tell that we shoud ban 5G becuse it ma kill us or birdsss

      4. Binita Karna

        Can I please get a iPhone 12 or 11

      5. Srinivas Prasad

        Mi 10t pro review/apple isnt running a charity to give us a charger in box

    2. Kenneth Stocks

      Most informative and easily understandable reviews out there.I actually base many of my purchases of cell phones,tablets computers and gadgets after researching your reviews.Thank you for your fantastic input.Ken Stocks

      1. Kenneth Stocks

        Best of the best in the review field.Just had to show my appreciation.

    3. Aravind selvaraj

      Waiting for iPhone 12 mini review.

    4. Real_EZ

      ugg another slab of glass no thanks I will be going with the fold 2 this year since my last phone was a galaxy s8 and my one before that a Iphone 4. basically if your phone is not broken why upgrade and get the same thing every year? that's how I look at it and the fold 2 being pretty durable from most reviews and reddit posts Ive seen and the fact my s8 is on its last legs means its time again for a new phone.

    5. Atif Ali

      Wow iphone introduces new features i like this phone but price is over because not battery charger and headphones

    6. Jimb

      Has this guy always sounded this posh??

    7. Corn 567

      The fact that Among Us was pre-installed

    8. Fábio R.

      I just can't believe how stupid people are anymore.

    9. Craig Boulton

      I think they are trying to compete with all the other latest mobile phones.

    10. MntZion

      Not worth it

    11. VulLord666

      I have to admit I’m fairly happy Apple is releasing the 12 with a lower battery life and no charging brick. Between that and not allowing game streaming services (I have Xbox Gamepass Ultimate) Apple has finally convinced me to upgrade to Android. 😊 Now I can sit back and relax when they release the iPhone 14 with no charging port.

    12. London Shiely23


    13. 992 TURBO S

      Apples BS on chargers is just that BS !! It’s just another way to increase sales yes there are millions of the old 5w block chargers but not the C chargers there fairly new to the market , I went from a 6s to 12 pro now the chargers I’ve had don’t work also with the new phone had to buy new cables also don’t work now as the provided cable is useless as in very short , now with my new phone I bought a MagSafe charger ($40) that you need to buy a charger ($20) for , hummm you think ! $60 for a Qi charger that’s a lot “ Charger for the charger “ This is just Apple ripping people off ! as they want people to believe there doing it for the environment NO it’s just for profit. As for environmental Apple is Significantly increase the E-waste Not decreasing as they claim. And that’s part of there con.

    14. Abdi Qarebash

      all of the iPhone 12's that will be sold in Canada won't have the 5G antenna that's built into the side of the phone, which is some serious bull

    15. Chillify

      i like how among us is on there

    16. Furlock Furli

      Last phone they will produce.

    17. the tilledpizza2870 dudes

      What where YOU thinking

    18. Ainz Bainz

      Bwoooy jock riding apple a little too hard here... Lower battery, no high refresh rate.. No charging brick, same price?

    19. Blackhellwolf LP

      Ich habe mich sofort in das Blaue Modell verliebt. Einfach nur schön.

    20. darth geekboy

      i’m still using the iphone 4s and 6max. both still work good despite their ages. i’ve only has to replace their batteries once. it’s true that the technology in them weren’t groundbreaking when they first came out, but apple knows how to make that tech robust and durable.

    21. Creepy Creeper

      apple hardware sucks but its software is extremely good

    22. Nace

      Is iphone 12 worth buying say quick

    23. wtbofnc

      Too bad they didnt integrate a gimbal into the camera. NEXT

    24. Shafiq Akmal Ismail

      The only reason that I can think of is this is their usual way on making more profits from their current customer base.. But some people r to blind to see the real truth.. 'nuff said

    25. Let x

      I bought my mirror already

    26. Tech Analysis 2020

      Apple know how to earn best margin for their investors. Great investor company.

    27. Kruti_Kiran

      I can't afford this phone, just clicked on his vedio to listen his sexy accent😊..

    28. Mustapha ELADAOUI

      Please make the captions available thanks

    29. Gert Larsson

      Great review, thanks from a Samsung user the night switch to IPhone for the first time 🙄😁👍

    30. FSK1138

      2:32 magnets .... LOL magnetic wallet LOL!!!!!! for your credit cards LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! magnets for your magnetic strip on your cards !!!!!! LOL !!!!!!

    31. It's just me

      You've used the word whose incorrectly in your channel name and the constant digital zooming in/out is pointless and visually upsetting. Boo.

    32. kreem Pistol

      Transfered from the note 8 just bought the Xs 😥😥😥 I feel played thinkin I was in the game


      I was waiting for the comparison with samsung galaxy 🤦‍♂️

    34. Miraflor Abellanosa

      My iPhone 5s be mistaken as an iPhone X mini 🙈

    35. Man Handsome


    36. Kevin Bihari

      Isn't apple a single company? So what was apple thinking? But since it was an all nighters, i forgive you. Thanks for rhe great video's as always.

    37. eula mae Ignacio

      I like the way he talks very calming 👌👌

    38. Madix Gabriel

      So what would be the best phone to get Samsung s20 , the newer note or the iPhone 12

    39. mel bermundo

      Waste of money,an act of consumerism.

    40. Florentino Ariza

      Buying an Iphone is like buying an expensive, mediocre product.

    41. MannyBest

      Ok so we pay tons of money for this phone and they don`t even bother to add headphones. what a shame on apple

    42. Larnelle Ramiah

      I just watched a whole lot of your 9 year old vids and i gotta say this journey was amazing!!!!!

    43. Unkown 1111

      Apple: we didn't kept charger to protect enviroment also you have the charger so Me:ok i will also help you to save enviroment by not buying your phone because i already have one.


      great suggestions to 🍎 where is iPhone's price going and for what offerings.... its not worth the price...... just a brand and a brand value only onePlus is far better.... a huge upgrade from 7pro to 8pro especially in camera department

    45. Daniel Phillips

      4x is a 300% increase.

    46. Amit Garg

      30% extra processor power at 50% Extra money :D .. Anyways Who actually Need that extra power? If any company really want good technology then American companies must work for max 10% profits. so that World can get access to money and they can also involve in Research and Development. Apple stock market value is over 1 trillion USD.

    47. Ananda Afryan

      2040 Apple be like : We finally move to USB C and this is very innovative, it will costs you $5999

    48. Abrar Ajwad

      Add caption from next time Plz plz

    49. Pave_Way Wiz

      But wait,is apple the brand to bring 5G ? pls 5G is already there

    50. Chris C

      I agree about the chargers. That part didn’t make sense. 🤷‍♂️ luckily i have an 11 pro max so i have the usb c compatible brick and i plan to buy a 12 pro max but yeah.. not everyone is in that boat.

    51. Nick Lim

      I hope you speak American. British reviewer is just weird!

    52. ButterSplat

      I hate the new phones

    53. william goss

      Good and pretty through Review, but no mention of mag safe, which 🍏 could have included cos it doesn’t take up much space, (ie packaging), but also cos no one has loads of those lying around at home ...

    54. sheri

      in future cars will be sold without tyres to protect environment.

    55. DAN T

      The refresh rate not being 120hz is a good thing for me i have an issue with my eyes where i cannot use devices higher than 60hz ! there is still something going on in the last 4 apple displays because i have not been able to use them . i have used a samsung s10 with no issues and i cannot understand whats going on with apple displays to make me feel unwell ;-(

    56. Kevin Eaton

      Was looking at changing from android to the iphone 12 but after watching your video, I see Apple prefers to look after current customers than welcoming new ones, so no thanks. Apple can suck it. This wasn't a praising video in my opinion. Apple needs a psych evaluation.

    57. Cole Young

      Blue text messages are the only reason i got a 12 pro

    58. Michael Devaney

      Its actually mad people still buy into all of apples bullshit

    59. Lalit Dogra

      Wait until this ‘no charger in the box’ thing becomes a norm. Other brands are going to fall in line sooner or later. Apple is kinda taking one for the team.

    60. Gervinho

      Click bait video. 😪

    61. OhMG iTs NiXiOW

      Always samsung is the best in the world

    62. MasterMa

      When I saw Among us on iphone thumbnail I clicked !

    63. Sam


    64. Oston Code Cypher

      I have been waiting for that shape for so LONG... It's time to buy an iPhone.

    65. Gaming F0X11

      I think I now why Apple charges so much mr crab 🦀 took over

    66. Sebastian Ceaser

      I’m starting to feel like this is their publicity stunt to recycle the same phone with no free items in the box just to see if people still buy it.

    67. D r O p P E d

      We should be getting new phones every 4 years

    68. Katokiari Aririkakimeri

      apple dont think.....apple are as dumb as buyer.

    69. dhwang101

      Stopped watching at "pretty much say the same thing every year"... Didn't see any ads

    70. Dušan Gajdoš

      *not being paid by Apple for this video at all*

    71. Dušan Gajdoš

      no real phone lover could be an Apple lover

    72. Dennis Bolan

      Let me add a comment to which you said that Apple is trying to listen to their customers more.. Well, Ive seen a lot of people say.. "they didnt change anything" because they have already done this design.. First, there are only so many shapes and things you can do with edges of a phone, and if it resembles Samsung to closly that becomes a problem and people would just say they are coping and not able to come up with anything unique.. So still criticized .. But, the reason is because the Iphone 4/5 design is a favorite among Apple users... its considered the best design Apple has had, by many. And in some ways, it allows millimeters more room inside. and when your dealing with such a small space.. every MM matters.

    73. Tan Le

      apple goat ! the new lphone is stupid

    74. James Aveling

      He is just sad that Apple is much better and going further than his stupid android/ Samsung

      1. Pug 2

        Actually that's not at all why... Especially considering that's not necessarily true at all...

    75. Sexy_melon

      "design overhaul" has the same camera sharper edges and same forehead


      Im a tight budget phone buyer but still all your phone reviews are satisfying tbh.

    77. Alan Li

      IOS is simply superior, they can do whatever they want to

    78. Anigeek YT

      Apple is thinking “If it’s slightly newer than their already new IPhone 11, they’ll buy it and we’ll gain many moneyz”

    79. Faderificism

      I love the boxy phone

    80. Ang Na Ang Na

      dont be surprised if the next iphone will not include the phone itself from the box. buy it separately for another $1000 fvckrs! because fook you thats why👌🏼

    81. noahkb80

      What are you doing with the zoom on your video? Its annoying as hell

    82. David Stinnett

      God...Nintendo really is the apple of video games. No charger? 3DS flashbacks hit hard

    83. David Stinnett

      I _love_ the boxy look. I think the iPhone 5 line is the best looking phone I have ever seen. I love going back to that look with the all screen look. I still miss the home button, that’s the reason I bought an SE. Might upgrade to the 12 mini though.

    84. David Stinnett

      God....everyone complains about the notch like it is offensive, but I am just not bothered by it. Like...is a pinhole camera nice? Sure. But it doesn’t ruin my day or make the phone ugly IMO. It just comes accross as something to knock apple for.

    85. FK Scottie

      Before you go buy that iphone 12 read this👇 The people of Congo are being made to work as slaves in search of steel the mental which is used to make iphone and many more devices. 1000+ die everyday in the make of this new iPhone 12 in Congo and country in west Africa. Are you still going to buy the phone knowing you own peoples blood is have to be shed to satisfied your worldly position. Ain’t nothing in this world clean but always have some dirty behind it. John 2:15- 17 “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any men love the world, the love of the father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eye, and the pride of life. If not of the father, but is of the world, and the world passeth away, and the lust thereof but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏽🙏🏼🙏🏻

    86. Octavio Quintana

      Where is iPhone 12 Pro Max Ultra Super Turbo? lol

    87. Garett Wolff

      Why would you want a thicker phone? Slim phones are the way to go. Worst looking iphone since the SE.

    88. matthew realm

      nevermind, save the 120 hz for next year.. like this i can save my money in my wallet for next year 😁✌️

    89. diungy alisnr

      How to fast charging? S: increase the watt A: just decrease the battery capacity. 😁

    90. Joseph Jabin

      Oh come on! just say it! Apple has no brains since Steve Jobs passed away! That's it!

      1. diungy alisnr

        All of my friends laugh at me because I need an upgrade because I have the iPhone se cracked first gen hopefully I win the give away

    91. khalid al shehhi

      You want to live happy, just buy an android


      0:30 left smile face

    93. PAPA Sniper YT

      They started including 18w charger in the Box only to exclude even a 5w one🙄

    94. Trenden Brown

      Bruh do you have any idea how dangerous 5g is for the human body?

      1. Chill Sodaa

        no, stop reading conspiracy shit, you'll likely more to die by UV radiation than anything ;-;

    95. Mvtrixx

      Fammm wtf why no charging brick ok maybe if it was a regular usb-a wire that came with it id get it everyone has one of those but it comes with a usb-c to lightning cable so nobody has the charging brick for it

    96. Anna Luth

      This might sound bad, but I absolutely hate Apple

    97. StiKz

      I still dont get why the use Lightning...its so crazily stupid

    98. Avreliv

      Why do people care though about the things that don’t matter? They average consumer just needs to play Among Us and use social media. That’s all I do anyways.

    99. Hahahha Någon

      I like the way you edit

    100. Emma Lauren

      Has anyone tried sticking their phone to a fridge?