iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Unboxing - ft MKBHD!


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    Full unboxing and initial Review of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro! Full camera test and battery test coming very soon! To enter the Giveaway: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway
    (Giveaway is free and international, winners announced 7th November)
    Full camera comparison is here: kgup.info/get/fWqHl6Gjp4Bth6E/video
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    1. Mrwhosetheboss

      Just realised we wrote iPhone 11 Pro Unboxing in....Let's blame a lack of sleep 😅 It's meant to say 12 Pro Giveaway link here: gleam.io/competitions/U1YVO-mega-iphone-12-giveaway Full camera comparison is now LIVE: kgup.info/get/fWqHl6Gjp4Bth6E/video Full battery test here: kgup.info/get/aY-daX3HgXp8baU/video

      1. Eino Kuha

        I was about to comment about that 😐

      2. venu gopal 192

        Arun broo what happened your giveaway

      3. sk.mahaboob ali ali

        I don't have a Twitter account 🙄 . Am I not capable to participate in this giveaway 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️. Coz I never participated in a giveaway 😔....


        Complete your sleep!!! May b that leads to more attractive content in future. A big thumbs up for crisp and flawless content 👍.

      5. Smokin' Aces

        Same thing babe xx

    2. David John

      Hi, i joined your giveaway! Sadly, i was not able to see who the winners are because we got hit by a severe typhoon here in PH and our house was completely submerged in the flood. Is there anyway i can see the winners? You know, just makes me feel better to see them winning the iPhone 12 pro 💕

    3. F2P Airborne Gaming

      Are you still giving away.. I need a phone maybe you can help me with that... I'm going to follow your social sites

    4. Mr Toe

      Apple: Removes charging brick and headphones from the box Everyone: why did they remove them?!?!? We have a brick already so that is meh but the headphones too?!?!?! Also everyone when unboxing iPhone before: *throws everything from the box on the floor*

    5. FrostPilot


    6. lulu st

      Me watching on my green 12 : 👁👄👁interesting

    7. Edzon Pusing

      they talked about their shirts 🤔😆

    8. Jc Conan

      Can I have a phone? Hahahaha just kidding I know you're not😂

    9. Krys Top


    10. Theodora Lehrer


    11. Prince Ace


    12. Imperial knight

      iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 , pro etc. while me Nokia 3310 for call 2.4 for WhatsApp and iPhone 📱 7 for KGup 🤣

    13. SuperMaster 121

      I guess storage doesn’t matter because iPhone 12 also has 128 gb of storage I am not sure if it is increased on the iPhone 12 pro

    14. Nesa Fashion Channel


    15. Mohammed Jamsheed

      Hey Your video showing iPhone 11 Pro unboxing instead of iPhone 12 Pro unboxing :)

    16. Basty bamousstudio

      Please Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    17. Bremen Ratzinger

      Where will you annuonce winners

    18. Jaison

      Mark Ass Brownies?

    19. K.S Gaming

      Best mobile but I can't afford it 😅😅😢😟

    20. yebebbrhr 10

      if you are interested in getting the iphone 12 through amazon click here. I bought one and i highly recommend it. amzn.to/3pKfDNk

    21. I DON’T CARE

      My fav phone tbh is iPhone 12 , but most ppl I know like the pro max,pro or 12 mini but I consider this as grippy phone and a good one

    22. Rsjs _ 511

      No iPhone8?

    23. QWERTY

      who won?

    24. Desi Biy

      This is a Comment

    25. Hitesh Jangra

      they are giving a charging cable in the box. magic next year you will have to buy battary seprately

    26. Manu Bircea


    27. Alexandra Jabor

      @Mrwhosetheboss Hi sir may i just ask if you called via phone number? @Mrwhosetheboss i just want to know if its posssible that its in your team that called me recently because its a foreign number. It would be my biggest regret if its you. I picked up but the line got cut😞😞😞

    28. Alexandra Jabor

      @Mrwhosetheboss Hi sir may i just ask if you called via phone number? @Mrwhosetheboss i just want to know if its posssible that its in your team that called me recently because its a foreign number. It would be my biggest regret if its you. I picked up but the line got cut😞😞😞

    29. the life of nick

      please give away an iphone 12 mini to me i love watching your videos and i watch your videos on a moto e 1st gen and i want an iphone for other needs pllssssss

    30. Mary Frauline Inding

      "Like a proud dad"


      Even if it wasn't an iPhone 12 but I am happy I was still able to win an iPhone 11 pro max with the help of *d3fhacker* on Instagram. He made all that possible. Chat him up to get yours, he can help you out


      Even if it wasn't an iPhone 12 but I am happy I was still able to win an iPhone 11 pro max with the help of *d3fhacker* on Instagram. He made all that possible. Chat him up to get yours, he can help you out

    33. Mohammed Farhan

      are you married

    34. ala elgabou

      mrwhosetheboss: Which sits about half way between something that looks professional and something thats kinda fun looking. Me: *sitting in my chair wondering if those fingerprints are meant to be part of the professional or the fun*

    35. wolfies feathered Friends friendly chickens birds

      I follow you on twitter

    36. Tanvir Hossain Ratul

      8.06//// A14 Bionic Hanged......Omg

    37. Gene Edward

      I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed💯 ✅

    38. afro excobazz

      I'm your number 1fan from Africa

    39. Unknown :p

      At the top they said 11 pro but it is the 12 pro

    40. giannis ghazna

      Finaly! An iphone for minecraft Steve

    41. Tyto Do'Urden

      So you want like a Sony xz2 compact design

    42. Ezito improved

      can you like the wallpapers?

    43. yash sonone

      Today's date is 12 November, who are the winners?

    44. Raha Armin

      I still like 11 more than 12 I think that you also think like this🙃

    45. Jordan SMITH

      You’ll probably have to buy the box for the iPhone 13

    46. Shakila Ali

      when will the winners of the giveaway wil be announced

    47. Shakila Ali

      when willl be winners of giveaway announced?

    48. Meshram Manish

      Loved it ❤️

    49. Thata Dioka

      Where is the giveaway

    50. Sumit Rana

      What about giveaway results

    51. Abijith Suresh

      Entry Done Sir I always love your content sir

    52. Jovan Santos

      Is there a video to know the raffle draw?

    53. Harvey Birch

      How do we find out who won the giveaway?

    54. Kai Clements

      Yea ofc

    55. Max Pozdnyakov

      Thank you, Arun!

    56. Abdula Yousef

      Why do you didn’t give me the iPhone 12 pro I am always I am always I want this phone I don’t know if I have iPhone 5 for real

    57. Paul Mason

      Good video

    58. ProffesionalG

      Since he gave the opportunity to everyone, even the iphone 12 would be a big upgrade from my iPhone 6s. Its not in bad condition since i take care, but the software is slow. Love the iPhone 6 gang 😂 but would be a cool upgrade, love to everyone. ❤️ and happy holidays🙏 stay safe! Luck to everyone!

    59. ٰ

      2:18 : bi people :😥😢😰

    60. Everton Alves

      Hey, who won the giveaway?

    61. Joanne Beveridge

      Want an election free stream to chill out in? I'm going to play the new Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Demo and probably some Splatoon 2 twitch.tv/thisistechtoday

    62. Clipz

      Well at least the regular 12 is an upgrade from my old 8 plus

    63. Amy J.

      I had the iPhone 12 in green but sent it back to o2 and got the iPhone pro in blue instead I love my new phone I only upgraded because it was cheaper on contract than my iPhone 11 lol

    64. amy ni :o

      cool found love your video in youtube

    65. Ahmed Mustafa YT

      where is the announcement?

    66. Hanzala Seid


    67. Pidathala Shushanth

      Hey Arun i am one of your biggest fan.I like the way of your explaining about the product. :-)

    68. 陳鵬

      Yo Arun, your skin is glowing. Share your skincare routine 😁

    69. Nefarious Duo

      So sad that I didnt win😞

    70. Ankit Mahato

      glossy arun :)

    71. robert louis

      who won the giveaway

    72. Anime Manga

      Omggg can’t wait for the IPhone give awayyy good luck everyone who participated!!! I want to know who’s the 5 lucky people

    73. Mitanshu Kalsariya

      I lose the giveaway

    74. Mario Chua


    75. cyblog ng

      The competition just ended. I pray I win bcus it will really do great for me it will really help me in life. I won't be able to say why because many won't understand. I had to put so much effort to try winning this competition

    76. Nick Here

      After the giveaway I feel like dying , I stayed up all night , and I won nothing , am damn broken 😔

    77. Happiness Hlayi

      Wooow this is amazing 😭😭my heart yearns for it already 💔

    78. Jibrhan Jamal Khan

      Im happy for you to be successful in this market and with the amount of compensation you sir are a fukn legend.

    79. Shuvo chowdury

      Sir need this 😭😭

    80. Jerffry Sarante Veras

      Berry good

    81. ABDUL samad

      Good job

    82. lenovo garen

      4hrs left for me to exp life changing..

    83. R.K. Dhingra

      I wil prefer buying tvs ntorq super sqad editon for 93k and lg g8x thinq dual screen from flipkart for Rs 18k and still i wil save money out of Rs 120k for the date wit my gf. 😛😛😛

    84. genixx

      really nice video :)

    85. Mitanshu Kalsariya

      Can't wait for tomorrow's giveaway results

    86. Shifah Abdool hamid

      If I win I’m going to die

    87. Constantinos Anastassiou

      Keep up the great work!! Your opinion: Iphone 12 or 12 Pro if i choose the 128GB storage model in Europe? (I have 6s Plus) You think is better that an Android flagship?(oneplus 8Pro or others)? Should i switch? -No instagram, video and photo shooter not so much, nor gamer +Intensive multitasking app user for work(mails,whatsapp,viber,messenger,skype) lot of calls! +youtube or live sports videos mostly

    88. Falak sher

      Good luck

    89. Aboobacker Siddique


    90. Aboobacker Siddique


    91. Aboobacker Siddique


    92. Aboobacker Siddique


    93. The Man

      Nice one

    94. Sahil sharma

      I think m going to be a winner this time 😎

    95. farhan ach

      iPhone 12 one of the best phone if not the best 📱 Super XDR display with upto 1200 nits 🔆 A14 Bionic chip best chipset in an mobile phone blazing fast 🚤 One of the best camera phone 📸 Vintage iPhone Design 😍 iOS 14 one of best OS optimised for its devices 👨‍💻 Over all an complete package 📦 iPhone 12 in black 🖤 is love Hope I win one 😬🤞🤞🤞🤞

    96. Aman Singh Jayant

      I phone 12 series is good upgrade then i phone 11 series...

    97. Allan Cyril

      Hey Arun please help me win the giveaway really wanted to use a iPhone at some point 😅

    98. Kiran Patidar


    99. Fakhre Alam Taj

      Bro when is the giveaway????????????

    100. Jerry Akhimien

      Few hours to go Guys