My name is Arun Maini. I'm a 25 year old Economics student whose life's passion is Technology. I try to make videos that are to-the-point and as content-packed as possible, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, a sub would be massively appreciated! 🙏

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  1. Ethan_Gaming

    Funny thing is im watching this on an lg phone

  2. Francisco Collarte

    I gotta say, I was pretty much done with tech YT channels, but this one is somewhat different. New sub here, great content!

  3. Anorkhil


  4. Anorkhil

    smartphone reviewers all clickbaiting

  5. Turtle Smith

    Had my ultra 4 weeks now. Stunning phone, with the S-pen taking it to a whole other Level. Expensive yes, but things this good generally tend to be.. It ain't no Camden Market rolex for a fiver.

  6. Ass Studios

    I kinda don't want 5G ever being in such a high use

  7. Kavish Wadhwani



    Mientras no se arreglen con Google Xiaomi es caca.

  9. Kavish Wadhwani


  10. Man BR0WN

    This is crazy

  11. French Gamer OFFICIAL YT

    I love android good for poor people s yea 💙

  12. imran hussain

    S21 ultra is very nice

  13. Arnold Corriette

    Thats why i sold my iPhone 12 and buy a Samsung galaxy s21 ultra because Samsung have a way better camera than iPhone

  14. French Gamer OFFICIAL YT

    Lol apple use Samsung's lens and screen also how. Can this chew thing can win from Samsung , the. King , USA people's are looted by Apple 🍎

  15. J Palazini

    Your hair is so bad in thins video like bro did you get a bowl cut🤣😂

  16. Edison Jimenez

    0:57 thats what she said hahahahha

  17. Raden

    don't Xiaomi phones no longer run Android though? I can't really call that a victory for anything.... edit: Oh good, and it has sloped edges and a front facing hole in the screen for a camera, two dealbreakers that prevent me from getting a phone. Guess it's on to the next one then.

  18. Luke Nielsen

    I like your videos but this one felt more like a personal rant instead of things people genuinely had issues with.

  19. RafaSupreme2747

    Sus privacy phone

  20. Host Dost

    the cybertruck wasnt a fail. notice how he got attention for that car without paying for ads?

  21. Tennis Boy

    So close to 7M!

  22. firenationnn

    been watching on and off for a couple months, finally decided to subscribe.

  23. sᴜᴅʜᴇᴇʀ ᴀʜᴍᴀᴅ

    It's a digital brick 🤣

  24. Yixy XD


  25. Tom Tom


  26. Donjie Ruan

    Android always hang up

  27. Bentley Smith

    Will the wallpaper kill iPhones ??

  28. Tomáš N.

    Xiaomi is pathetic. Every product that I or any of my friends ever owned was very disappointing regarless of the price... both expensive and cheap. My xiaomi lasted 1 year which it was super slow even after factory reset. Battery lasted less than half what it used to... only standby was ok. I'd rathed switch from Samsung to Apple than feel the pain of Xiaomi again

  29. Dan OConnor

    Not quite.

  30. Deep MRAR


  31. Lester Plays ROBLOX

    I knew Google will win;GOOGLE'S A GENIUS


    we got click baited

  33. Trevor Keen

    Huawei is indirectly owned and controlled by the Chinese government. They should be avoided like radioactive waste.

  34. Deox

    Love the video. Is that a Rathalos/Rathian Longsword letter opener @ 7:38? Has anyone else recognized that? It seems to be a collector's keychain by Mobilly.

  35. Fear 9703

    Asus use harman kardon in their laptop also good audio system

  36. Aidan Chappelle

    "The phone was cancelled 42 days after its abysmal release" "6/10"

  37. wckdZ

    Great review, just picked up a s21 ultra, love it. Also gained a subscriber.

  38. Mohammed Sharba

    FINALLY A SKIT!!!!!😲😲😲

  39. Elliot Andersson

    I don't really see the point of beats headphones! What's the point of making headphones just for looks huh? I mean who the heck wants headphones that sounds like crap!? Who buy headphones just for looks.

  40. SilverlightPLAY


  41. Yuri Podolsky

    I'm still more inclined on Vivo's X60 Pro+. But I'll wait for Sony, because their videos always makes a hype about alpha technology

  42. King K

    These corporations are just selfish, self absorbed evil individuals. They don’t care about YOU or the ENVIRONMENT. They just PRETEND that they do. While you’re distracted by this false act they’re putting on, they are doing something even more shady behind your back.

  43. lqbal Hussain

    Xiaomi and other Chinese phones on the market no doubt have got some really nice phones out there. But myself and friends and family have been boycotting chinese products due to their mis treatment of Ughyurs... Shame they do some nice phones.

  44. Krzysztof Zawierzeniec

    7:33 iv got the same xDD

  45. Alassan saine

    Good Accent

  46. RYB Life

    lets cut a 9 minute video in one comment, as more people have some brands product in their hand as more it shows flag, aka gets recommended, they so called flagships are just for people who wanna show of, and to give the brand a way to show what will come maybe soon in all devices...

  47. ksan umbah

    i loved the look but i knowbi can affort it

  48. Lazar

    These limits are software-based. I'm pretty sure if they dont extend it, someone else will.

  49. 해밍웨이어니스트

    LG Smartphone uses Unix Server based with each phone is single Linux as its (AI) personalized unit. Jaisohn

  50. MarkyTV

    wow I hope I have a cellphone, I hope to sponsor even the lowest one hehehe ,, because my cellphone is broken, I also can't buy it because I don't have a job because of the pandemic.

  51. 4lex ic3whit3

    every spoiled iphone kid: Arun: im switching to iphone samsung fanboys:

  52. JA

    Xiaomi is the Best 👌

  53. Jin Lu

    Dont buy chinese products

  54. Shabil Nazreen Shamsuri

    Bruh, no phone air 🤣🤭

  55. MC Jurka

    I'm a simple man i see among us reference, i dislike

  56. Stef FTW

    I think you accidentally predicted how the Galaxy A12 looks like

  57. Jenny

    i bought a mi 10T pro 6 months ago... im dissapointed... its so unstable, i am typing something in the Notes app and it cant keep up with mee typing, its so damn slow, the front facing camera is horrible and the 108m pixel camera... well, the camera is good, the problem is the software... it feels like the phone wouldnt have enough ram all the time + the microphone sucks! calling somebody is a pain .... shouldnt that be the most important thing on a phone?

  58. Opeoka _

    Make a video on your phone that u use for texting and stuff

  59. Aoulla'per Zahouwi

    0:57 that's what she said xD

  60. italia gorino

    Thew caught on fire?

  61. gaijinblow

    Regarding the screens, I feel like sometimes Samsung lets them buy screens better than theirs as a beta test to see how well they do and how the public reacts. Such as the 90Hz displays before releasing the galaxy with 120Hz.

  62. Alexander wahl

    honestly id buy it just for the box because that is damn good looking

  63. Brent Richie Fernandez

    You now is old by just the intro

  64. Abdulelah Alkhorayef

    Who else is looking forward for how the boss starts the video? Is it a clap? Chair spin? ... You can never guess

  65. Tyler Wilkinson

    If you are ever in an argument with someone telling you Apple would reck Samsung just send them this video.

  66. Jason McCliment

    I'm watching this on a one plus

  67. Endermen1094

    Peaple will sometimes pay other peaple to contribute to the code of an open source for example the linux carnal

  68. Dried Brainfreeze

    Our only hope is alien visitation. Neutrino technology

  69. absurdpizza 7818

    Someone has to tell these compabies that chargers isnt the problem, using plastic at all, plastic bags, bying a car, using electricity powered by natural gas or oil, planes, large cargo ships, coal using, mining is huge enviromental damage. They jusr want to spare some money and try to sell you there 200 dollar wireless charger. If they cared about the enviroment so much, they would try to fix these problems i wrote, they just want to look good and try to be the company with the new future product and being fancy. Chargers isnt a danger to the enviroment. And if so, just remake the casing of the charger with something other than plastic, problem solved.

  70. Brent Richie Fernandez

    6:27 there's something wrong in the background

  71. Dried Brainfreeze

    It means beaming. Goodbye privacy. Of course I'm not a tiktoker, tiktoker.

  72. Eyad Elhefney

    Samsung : we will add a new styles of camera Xiaomi :

  73. Rainstorm The Rainwing

    People think they will get subs by being a bot

  74. Demongornot

    Had they made a phone without those horror punch hole and notches, but rather a good pop up, a good camera setup like Wide + Ultra-Wide + Telephoto, and switch to Ultrasonic UD FPS, I wouldn't have hesitated a second to buy the phone. And if, rather than abandoning every feature that didn't get super popular instantly, they kept them on the next phone, even without upgrading it much, their phone would have been amazing monsters by March 2021, and they could have got many niches to stick to them, which combined account for a massive amount of consumers. But they got caught into poor trends like punch holes and notches while there is this massive market that only Sony is filling.

  75. theLensguy

    It's strange, other people report to be the other way around, and even used two sd888 to check and still exy got 4% faster, i don't get it...

  76. Arcturus-MC

    17:40 I spend way more then 10 minutes a day on insta...


    This is a perfect ⒫⒣⒪⒩⒠